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Sow Easy in Australia

Proven success in the UK and European market with key environmental responsible companies has initiated the unique manufacturing process of SeedsticksTM to set up in Melbourne, Australia.

Seedsticks are a fun new way to plant seeds. Flower, Herb, Wildflower, Vegetable and even some Native Australian Plants can be grown in this way. The seeds are literally stuck on to a recycled cardboard stick. There are 10 sticks in each pack presented in a bookmatch format. The stick is removed in much the same way you would pull off a match to strike it but instead you plant it in soil for the seed to grow. The bookmatch packaging is an ideal, low cost, small give away or mail out product to carry your promotional message to your audience.

Cost effective, convenient packaging, environmental friendly and simple to use. We offer a wide range of seeds linked with your message to create the ideal premium gift. The bookmatch or seedstick cover is designed and custom printed to you exact requirements with the chosen seed variety enclosed. There are a few restrictions on the size of seed and some unusual germination requirements.

For further information please visit:

Seedsticks Australia

or email [email protected]

We have a wealth of experience to help you plant that seed.


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