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  SeedsticksTM The small give away with the big impression.

Seedsticks - Please click for a larger imageSeedsticksTM have the same format as a book of matches without the negative unhealthy attitude towards smoking. Rather than an explosive head on the end of the match we use our own patented machinery to glue plant seeds onto the sticks - hence the name 'Seedsticks'.

If you would like a clearer image of what the seedsticks look like inside the cover, please click here or the above image.

This unique and exclusive product manufactured by Sow Easy is the perfect premium gift for pennies. By branding the cover as has been done with millions of book matches, Seedsticks will offer a longer lasting memory of your corporate message. There are so many varieties of seed to chose from to totally personalised the product to meet your exact requirements.

A seedbook layout guide is available by clicking here (PDF document - 135Kb). Images for the inside of the seedbook are shown below:


A variety of alternative shapes are available for larger quantities, to enhance your message, including: Bottle, carrot, banana, mobile phone etc.

The seedbook format does lead itself to a variety of products including matches, emery boards, memo jotter and sewing kits. Please contact us for further information.


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